There are currently two active translation projects - the Byteball Website and the Byteball Wallet Software.

All members of the Byteball community are encouraged to participate. If the language you master is not yet listed, please talk to Punqtured to have it added.

The more languages the Byteball Wallet and Website is available for, the wider the possible adoption. Particularly countries, in which people do not normally speak english or another second language, will greatly benefit from having both Website and Wallet available in the native language.

Project status

Byteball Website

Completed languages:
Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Indonesian

Languages translated but awaiting approval by proofreaders:

Languages in the process of being translated:
Arabic, Bengali (India), Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Estonian, Filipino, French, German, Nigerian (Hausa), Hindi (Indian), Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian (Latin), Spanish, Turkish, Urdu (India), Nigerian (Yoruba)

Byteball Wallet Software

Completed languages:
Bosnian, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, Hindi (India), Indonesian, Japanese, Nigerian (Pidgin), Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish.

Languages translated, but awaiting approval by proofreaders:
Czech, Filipino, German, Greek, Romanian, Rusian

Languages in the process of being translated:
Albanian, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Swedish, Urdu (Pakistan), Nigerian (Yoruba)

If your English vocabulary is excellent and you are able to provide flawless and 100% accurate translation, please get in touch with Punqtured either on the Byteball Slack in the #localization channel or directly on the Crowdin project.

External links

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